If Mark were doing List Envy for the money, that would be rubbish. Each episode would be packed with low-quality, repetetive and annoying ads, and a subscription would just feel like a shakedown.

This is a labour of love, and a way of keeping Mark ocupied. (You don’t want to experience an untethered Steadman.) By supporting List Envy for just £2 per month, you’re sending a clear signal that you like the show and you want more of it.

Short of telling your friends, that’s about the best thing you can do for a tiny indie podcast like this.

What you get for your support

  • Your own podcast feed with ad-free episodes
  • Mark’s “surprise quiz”, where he challenges his guest to answer trivia questions on their chosen topic… with those questions being written by an AI chatbot (the guest genuinely doesn’t know this is going to happen… unless they’ve read this page).
  • Occasional emails from Mark with ways you can participate in the show

For the most part, your money goes towards running costs for the show. As we grow, who knows what more we can do?

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Common questions

How much does it cost?

You can subscribe for £2 per month.

How do I cancel?

Login to your portal using the same email address you signed up with, and you’ll see an easy way to cancel your subscription straight aawy. Or if that’s not working, email us.

Why aren’t you using Patreon or something similar?

The short-and-simple answer is because we don’t have to. And as a result, you pay less and we keep more of what you give us.

What do you do with my payment details?

We use Stripe to take payments. As a result, we don’t have direct access to your credit or debit card. All payments as processed securely by Stripe, leaving us out of it (as it should be).