16: Top 5 fruits


Emma Stroud

Lover of all things fun. Like making people laugh and think. Enjoy being a clown. Plus a speaker.

Everyone can stand to be a little bit more banana, so this week’s guest is professional clown, public speaker and banana enthusiast, Emma Stroud.

Emma’s personal day of relevation – perhaps not dissimilar to Albert Hofmann’s bicycle day, as covered in our first episode — came about when Emma realised how transformative she found the act of dressing up at a grown-up function, not like a fancy duchess, but like a banana.

Emma believes part of her purpose is, not only to help people laugh, but to encourage them to think more as a result. But that’s not where the healing ends: the pair uncover a way to save yourself from embarrassment at the hands of a mushy apple, and Mark asks Emma if she’s ever eaten a noni.


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Honourable mentions

  • Kiwi
  • Pomegranate

Emma’s picks

In order of discussion:


Apart from the fact that it did lead Emma to deliver a TED talk dressed as one, it’s a fruit that rarely disappoints, and has a handy traffic light system to let you know when it’s OK to eat one, depending no your personal preference.


This fruit that positively begs to be shared is also the name of Emma’s clown persona. It’s the orange. We’ve all had one. Orange. Go on, have one now, you won’t be disappointed. The orange. Orange.


The grape is an all-day fruit, and is never not available. You can take them to people who are ill in hospital — for some reason — or you can cut them in two to really change up how your day is going. You can also freeze them and pretend you’ve got sweets.


Nothing goes with cream, or even ice cream, quite like a strawberry. Plus, it’s the only fruit that you are legally allowed to steal from anyone’s farm because it’s not a criminal offence: it’s scrumping. (Just make sure you have a basket with you and also don’t hold us responsible if you get caught with red all down your face.)


This superfood is a solid-performing team player of a fruit. They’re versatile, very good for you, and often overlooked.

Mark’s picks

In order of discussion:


Mark only began to truly understand the power of the avocado in early 2019, and like all converts, has now become a zealot.


Mark has been known to grind up the bottom seedy bits of a pear in an effort to avoid walking to the bin, and if someone handed you a pear right now, you’d probably kiss them (unless it’s outside their brief window of acceptable ripeness).


Mark favours the braeburn for its consistency and delivering a satisfying, sweet crunch. It’s perhaps not the star of the show, but is the Virgil van Dijk of the fruit bowl.


It’s possible Mark might just have put this in to wind Emma up, but it is an actual fruit.

Cherry tomato

The writer Miles Kingston is perported to have said “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”.

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