Top 5 Bond villains

We look down the barrel of a gun, at a besuited comedy magician called Thom Peterson. He enters centre-frame, aims his gun and fires. Red washes over the screen. Fade to black.

Thom maintains that magicians just want to be Bond, and who can blame him? He and Mark talk about their favourite — and least-favourite — Bonds, the trouble with the E-on canon (which is not a villainous super-weapon), and much more.

Expect swearing, Bond trivia, an extraordinary amount of incorrect information, and spoilers.

Mentioned in this episode

Thom died in March 2023 after battling an illness. He was a good friend, a talented and funny performer, and an overall Amazing Guy. He is profoundly missed.

About the guest

Photo of Thom Peterson

Thom Peterson

Humour, mystery and downright stupid stuff!

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